TBM Records . TBM012 . 07.19.16

1 . Space Race (Adrift)
2 . Unstruck (Guidance)
3 . Proxima Centauri (Proximity)
4 . Rubicon (Obstacle)
5 . Lunar Landing (Contact)
6 . C204 Unit (Gateway)
7 . Skylight (Arrival)

Explore cosmic frontiers with Dataport's debut full-length, an intricate journey through cosmic futurefunkwave, melodic slow-mo, old school electro, and the full spectrum of space and time in between.

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TBM Records . TBM010 . 05.27.15

1 . FM-2030
2 . FM-2030 [D.A.R.C.Y. Remix]
3 . FM-2030 [Professor LaCroix Remix]

Flashback to the future with this three-mix debut from Professor LaCroix's electronic side-project Dataport, featuring spacious remixes by D.A.R.C.Y. and Professor LaCroix

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TBM Records . TBM011 . 05.12.15

1 . It's Full of Stars

Professor LaCroix takes an extended spin through time and space with this sprawling 13-minute progressive indie dance odyssey.

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TBM Records . TBM009 . 05.13.14

1 . Hovercraft
2 . Slow Rave

Professor LaCroix takes leftfield prog-disco to the warehouse with a pair of epically old-school post-acid-house indie dance instrumentals.

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TBM Records . TBM008 . 12.17.13

1 . Extra Solar
2 . Sunday AM
3 . Extra Solar [The Deep Remix] *

Get a double-dose of Vitamin D with "Extra Solar," an epic mid-tempo cruise around a distant star, b/w "Sunday AM" to help keep you warm until the sun comes up.

* Bonus remix by The Deep available only on Bandcamp

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LEGEND GOLD [Remaster]
featuring Kestrin

TBM Records . TBM006 . 03.04.13

1 . Legend Gold
2 . Legend Gold [Black Lodge Remix]
3 . Legend Gold [Rodion Remix]
4 . Legend Gold [Acapella]
5 . Legend Gold [Extended Instrumental]
6 . Legend Gold [Bonus Beats]
7 . Legend Gold [Black Lodge Video Edit]

Professor LaCroix and vocalist Kestrin Pantera take Moroder-era Blondie and a Cerrone-esque sense of space disco drama and blend it all into a modern indie dance slammer. Black Lodge delivers a summertime disco-boogie remix perfect for rollerskating around the pool, and Rodion takes you on a dubby Italo prog-disco night drive into the light.

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TBM Records . TBM002 . 02.25.2013

includes Alexander Robotnick remix

1 . We Come In Peace
2 . Ion Drive
3 . Ion Drive [Alexander Robotnick Remix]
4 . We Come In Peace [Club Edit]

Sci-fi followup up to the "Shock Waves" horror double-feature, "We Come In Peace" is an extended epic electrodisco alien invasion. "Ion Drive" is like an intergalactic star cruise at full impulse, and the legendary Alexander Robotnick crafts a dreamy Italo remix.

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SHOCK WAVES [Remaster]

TBM Records . TBM001 . 02.25.2013

1 . Delirio
2 . Shock Waves
3 . Shock Waves [Dub]

Sleazy Italian-Horror disco funk debut from Professor LaCroix. With its ultra grimy bass line, "Shock Waves" plays like a horde of zombies chasing after Dario Argento's brains. The Dub mix is kinda the same but in subspace orbit, and lead track "Delirio" stalks like a Giallo slasher in the night.

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