TBM Records . TBM014 . 10.30.2019

1 . Body Snatchers
2 . Fight or Flight

Professor LaCroix returns to his progressive spooky-disco roots with two new vintage-horror-inspired dark disco tracks


10th Anniversary Edition

TBM Records . TBM013 . 10.31.2018

1 . Delirio (2018 Mix)
2 . Shock Waves (2018 Mix)
3 . Shock Waves [Dub] (2018 Mix)
4 . Delirio [End Credits] (2018 Mix)

Sleazy Italo-horror disco funk debut, fully re-mixed from all-new 24-bit stems.

With its relentless beat and grimy bass line, 'Shock Waves' plays like a horde of zombies chasing after Dario Argento's brains. The Dub mix is kinda the same but in Low Earth Orbit, and lead track 'Delirio' stalks like a Giallo slasher in the night. Bonus track 'Delirio [End Credits]' is previously unreleased.




All the remixes, edits and mashups from my former Soundcloud page, plus 15 previously unreleased tracks -- all newly remastered, most re-mixed, and a couple rebuilt from scratch. 46 tracks, 4.5 hours of definitive Professor LaCroix reworks all polished up and levelled out for your DJ sets. Pay what you want on Bandcamp.

About 10 years ago I started editing old disco tracks to work into my DJ sets, and started posting them on Soundcloud figuring other DJs might be able to use them too. To my surprise, quite a few did! So that was cool.

My motivation as a DJ has never been to make money off of other peoples' music, but simply to support and promote music that I love. I've always credited the original artists, because credit is important and it's the right thing to do. With all of these reworks my primary goal has been to honor the original tracks while updating them for modern systems and aesthetics. I think these new mixes do that. I hope you think so too.

Get 'em while you can on Bandcamp. Follow and read more on Facebook.


- VOLUME 1 -

Heart Of Glass [Professor LaCroix Instrumental Re-dub] (2017 Remaster) - Blondie
My Love [Professor LaCroix Instant Disco Mix] (2017 Remaster) - Justin Timberlake **
My Love [Professor LaCroix Instant Disco Mix] Instrumental (2017 Remaster) - Justin Timberlake **
Supernature [Professor LaCroix 30 Years Edit] (2017 Remaster) - Cerrone
Let The Music Play/Standing In The Way Of Control (2017 Redo) - Shannon vs The Gossip vs Playgroup vs Professor LaCroix
No Can Do [Professor LaCroix Say No Go Mix] (2017 Remaster) - Hall & Oates + De La Soul
Everybody Dance [Professor LaCroix Homeslice Dub] (2017 Redo) - Chic **
Don't Stop The Music [Professor LaCroix Re-edit no.6] (2017 Remaster) - Yarbrough & Peoples
You Should Be Dancing [Professor LaCroix Utility Edit] (2017 Remaster) - Bee Gees

- VOLUME 2 -

Godless [Professor LaCroix Remix] (2017 Mix) - The Dandy Warhols
Blue Monday [Razormaid Remix - Professor LaCroix Edit] (2017 Remaster) - New Order
17 Days [Professor LaCroix Re-edit] (2017 Remaster) - Prince And The Revolution
Party Train [Professor LaCroix Edit] (2017 Remaster) - Gap Band
Slow Beat [Professor LaCroix Re-Re-edit-edit] (2017 Remaster) - Escape From New York
Dirty Laundry [Professor LaCroix Dub] (2017 Mix) - Don Henley
Gemini [Professor LaCroix Remix] (2017 Mix) - Eddie Mars feat. Dr. Midnight
Errol Flynn [Professor LaCroix Remix] (2017 Mix) - Nassau
Exiled! [Professor LaCroix Utility Edit] (2017 Remaster) - Codebreaker **
Last Night A Bonito Saved My Life [Professor LaCroix Mix] (2017 Remaster) - Indeep vs Martians
Tall Boy [Professor LaCroix Remix] (2017 Mix) - Har Mar Superstar
Tall Boy [Professor LaCroix Instrumental] (2017 Mix) - Har Mar Superstar

- VOLUME 3 -

Tall Boy [Professor LaCroix 12" Extended Mix] (2017 Remaster) - Har Mar Superstar **
Disco Content [Professor LaCroix Utility Edit] (2017 Mix) - Cassette Wolf
Happy House [Professor LaCroix Utility Edit] (2017 Remaster) - The Juan Maclean **
Take Me To The Mardi Gras [Professor LaCroix Re-edit] (2017 Remaster) - Bob James
Girls Say Good Times [Professor LaCroix Mix] (2017 Mix) - Groove Armada + Greg Wilson + Chic
No Parking On The Dance Floor [Professor LaCroix Utility Edit] (2017 Remaster) - Midnight Star **
Let The Rhythm Hit Em/Jam On It [Professor LaCroix Mix] (2017 Mix) - Newcleus + Rakim
Take Your Time Do It Right [Professor LaCroix Re-edit] (2017 Remaster) - S.O.S. Band
Burnin' Up [Professor LaCroix Housefire Re-rub] (2017 Remaster) - Imagination
Pull Up To The Bumper [Professor LaCroix Re-edit] (2017 Remaster) - Grace Jones
Love Has Come Around [Professor LaCroix Utility Edit] (2017 Remaster) - Donald Byrd and 125th Street, NYC **

- VOLUME 4 -

Stars On Daft Punk (2017 Mix) - Professor LaCroix
Evil Woman [Professor LaCroix Instant Disco Mix] (2017 Mix) - ELO
How Deep Is Your Love? [Professor LaCroix Remix] (2017 Mix) - The Rapture
Let 'Em In [Professor LaCroix Re-edit for Farmer] (2017 Mix) - Wings
Da Funk [Professor LaCroix 4:20 Edit] (2017 Remaster) - Daft Punk **
Bounce Rock Skate Roll [Professor LaCroix Re-edit] (2017 Mix) - Vaughan Mason & Crew **
I'm Ready [Professor LaCroix Utility Edit] (2017 Remaster) - Kano **
Wear It Out [Professor LaCroix Re-edit] (2017 Mix) - Stargard
Straight From The Heart [Professor LaCroix Re-edit] (2017 Mix) - Loose Change **
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy [Professor LaCroix Dub] (2017 Mix) - Rod Stewart **
Dazz [Professor LaCroix Re-edit] (2017 Mix) - Brick **
Very Emotional [Farley & Heller Remix - Professor LaCroix Rework] (2017 Mix) - The Farm
Someone Non Stop [Professor LaCroix Mix] (2017 Mix) - LCD Soundsystem + Kraftwerk **
FM-2030 [Professor LaCroix Remix] (2017 Mix) - Dataport

** Previously Unreleased


TBM Records . TBM012 . 07.19.16

1 . Space Race (Adrift)
2 . Unstruck (Guidance)
3 . Proxima Centauri (Proximity)
4 . Rubicon (Obstacle)
5 . Lunar Landing (Contact)
6 . C204 Unit (Gateway)
7 . Skylight (Arrival)

Explore cosmic frontiers with Dataport's debut full-length, an intricate journey through cosmic futurefunkwave, melodic slow-mo, old school electro, and the full spectrum of space and time in between.



TBM Records . TBM010 . 05.27.15

1 . FM-2030
2 . FM-2030 [D.A.R.C.Y. Remix]
3 . FM-2030 [Professor LaCroix Remix]

Flashback to the future with this three-mix debut from Professor LaCroix's electronic side-project Dataport, featuring spacious remixes by D.A.R.C.Y. and Professor LaCroix



TBM Records . TBM011 . 05.12.15

1 . It's Full of Stars

Professor LaCroix takes an extended spin through time and space with this sprawling 13-minute progressive indie dance odyssey.



TBM Records . TBM009 . 05.13.14

1 . Hovercraft
2 . Slow Rave

Professor LaCroix takes leftfield prog-disco to the warehouse with a pair of epically old-school post-acid-house indie dance instrumentals.



TBM Records . TBM008 . 12.17.13

1 . Extra Solar
2 . Sunday AM
3 . Extra Solar [The Deep Remix] *

Get a double-dose of Vitamin D with "Extra Solar," an epic mid-tempo cruise around a distant star, b/w "Sunday AM" to help keep you warm until the sun comes up.

* Bonus remix by The Deep available only on Bandcamp


LEGEND GOLD [Remaster]
featuring Kestrin

TBM Records . TBM006 . 03.04.13

1 . Legend Gold
2 . Legend Gold [Black Lodge Remix]
3 . Legend Gold [Rodion Remix]
4 . Legend Gold [Acapella]
5 . Legend Gold [Extended Instrumental]
6 . Legend Gold [Bonus Beats]
7 . Legend Gold [Black Lodge Video Edit]

Professor LaCroix and vocalist Kestrin Pantera take Moroder-era Blondie and a Cerrone-esque sense of space disco drama and blend it all into a modern indie dance slammer. Black Lodge delivers a summertime disco-boogie remix perfect for rollerskating around the pool, and Rodion takes you on a dubby Italo prog-disco night drive into the light.



TBM Records . TBM002 . 02.25.2013

includes Alexander Robotnick remix

1 . We Come In Peace
2 . Ion Drive
3 . Ion Drive [Alexander Robotnick Remix]
4 . We Come In Peace [Club Edit]

Sci-fi followup up to the "Shock Waves" horror double-feature, "We Come In Peace" is an extended epic electrodisco alien invasion. "Ion Drive" is like an intergalactic star cruise at full impulse, and the legendary Alexander Robotnick crafts a dreamy Italo remix.



TBM Records . TBM12001 . 06.23.2008

1 . Delirio
2 . Shock Waves
3 . Shock Waves [Dub]

- Discontinued -